Blood Bank Facility

One more step towards the Health Services.

By the grace of Allah state of art high technology blood bank has been established at Farooq Hospital. The 24 hour working of bold bank will facilities the number of patients for their illness, treatment, surgery and other related requirements. The blood bank will provide services for blood grouping/cross matching, whole blood (Positive and negative groups),pack cell,FFPs, Mega unti platelets and single unit of platelets. The patients of thalassemia,leukemia, lymphoma and G B Syndrome will be able to get benefit from it.

Moreover, we are in much better position to treat the patients of G.B Syndrome and Myasthenia Gravis by Plasma Exchange.

We are always struggling for the provision of best health facilities.

Blood bank Facilities

  • 24 hours workingDSCN0405
  • Whole blood
  • RCB (pack cell)
  • Platelet single unit
  • Platelet Mega (mega unit)
  • FFPs
  • Cryoprecipitate
  • Leuco Phaeresis’
  • Plasma Phaeresis’